Why You Should Have Colour Bond Roofing?

There are many reasons why people are replacing terracotta roofs with colour bond roofs. With time, people are making choices that will be beneficial for them in the long term. There is no doubt some benefits of installing terracotta roof but soon they vanish when you must spend extra on maintaining them and make sure the roof doesn’t fall on the habitants of the house.

Blue scope ultra-colour bond and Lysaght colour bond metal roofing is very much common nowadays and people are happily ready to replace the terracotta roof with the colour bond. Here are the reasons why people are shifting towards the colour bond.


Although the material for the terracotta roof is indeed cheaper than the material of colour bond roofing when we see it in the long run. We know that you must spend some money of your time to time on the maintenance of the red brick roof. On the other hand, once you install the colour bonds you don’t have to worry about maintaining it after sometimes. It has a long life compared to the terracotta roof. Visit for new roof manly.


When we compare the weight of the commercial roofing North Sydney and the colour bond roof, we immediately know that there is a big difference between the weights of the two roofs. The reason is quite simple as you see. The red bricks of the terracotta roof are made with clay. So, these bricks already sound heavy. Then there is extra use of material used in the construction of the roofs which makes it further heavy. Plus, when it rains the bricks soak up a large amount of water making heavier and heavier. On the other hand, colour bond roof’s materials are made with metal and steel. They are already designed in such a way that the weight not on the walls of the house. Then, of course, metals and steel don’t soak up the water. Which ultimately becomes the reason for


The colour bond roofing barely needs any maintenance on the other hand terracotta roofs to need quite much maintenance from time to time. Since they are bricks, they are easily broken, and it is hard to walk on the terracotta roofs as compare to the colour bond roof making it harder to do any kind of repair.

Easy to install:

For installing the colour bond roof, you don’t need much that is why it is less costly to install as compared to the terracotta roof. That is because the terracotta roof is made of tiles which of course, need proper time to fit and dry. It might take days to complete the whole process. On the other hand, the colour bond is large long pieces of metal or steel. These, of course, will take less work and time.

So, all these factors are the reason why people are switching to colour bond roof and contacting the roofing service to do for them.

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